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2018 Dance Groups
Code –¬†Group Name

A-01 – Hip Hop 4 _Ice Ice Baby_Jen Adamson
A-02 – Tots on the Move_You are My Sunshine_Marissa Beccard
A-03 – Ballet 3 _Spring Waltz_Marissa Beccard
A-04 – Jazz 2 _ September _Marissa Beccard
A-05 – Private Lesson_Tightrope_Marissa Beccard
A-06 – Preschool Creative B _Under the Sea_Marissa Beccard
A-07 РTeen Cheer A _  Seasons_Olivia Perez
A-08 – Cheer 1 _Deck the Halls _Jen Adamson
A-09 – Acro 2D _I Want Candy _Angela Zemel
A-10 – Preschool Gymnastics A _Peter Cotton Tail _Jen Adamson
A-11 – Acro 1A _Walking on Sunshine _Jen Adamson
A-12 – Acro 2A _Schools Out for Summer _Jen Adamson
A-13 – Acro 4 _Carole of the Bells _Angela Zemel
A-14 – Teen Cheer B _Towards the Sun _Olivia Perez
A-15 – Tumbling 1 _Wipe Out _Angela Zemel
A-16 – Tumbling 2 _Witch Doctor _Angela Zemel
A-17 – Tumbling 3 _Summer _Jen Adamson
A-18 – Tumbling 4 _New Years Countdown _Lorianne Hagan
A-19 – Ballet 2 _June in January _Marissa Beccard
A-20 – Preschool Creative D _In Summer _ Jen Adamson
A-21 – Tap/Ballet 1B _Sugar Plum _Marissa Beccard
A-22 – Hip Hop 3A _Cold as Ice_ Devon Shipley
A-23 – Teen Musical Theatre Dance _Everything’s Coming Up Roses _ Devon Shipley

B-01 – Modern 4 _Thankful _ Marissa Beccard
B-02 – Preschool Creative E _Somewhere Over the Rainbow _ Angela Zemel
B-03 – Special Needs Music & Movement _It’s Like Summer _ Erica Lee
B-04 – Tap/Ballet 1F _Summer Wind _ Mysteria Spellazza
B-05 – Hip Hop 2 _Gust of Wind _ Olivia Perez
B-06 – Adult Ballet _Stormy Weather _ Lorianne Hagan
B-07 – Mady Barr _Winter Song _ Olivia Perez
B-08 – Ninja 1 _Take Me Out to the Ball Game _ Jen Adamson
B-09 – Acro 1C _L.O.V.E. _ Lorianne Hagan
B-10 – Acro 3B _Umbrella _ Jen Adamson
B-11 – Acro 1D _Monster Mash _ Angela Zemel
B-12 – Acro 2B _Firework _ Jen Adamson
B-13 – Acro 3D _Ice Cream Freeze _ Angela Zemel
B-14 – Ballet 4 _April in Paris _ Marissa Beccard
B-15 – Hip Hop 1 _What Time Is It _ Olivia Perez
B-16 – Modern 3 _White Winter Hymnal _ Marissa Beccard
B-17 – Ballet 1 _Here Comes the Sun _ Marissa Beccard
B-18 – Jazz 4 _October Song _ Marissa Beccard

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