Pre-Order Dance Photos

Please note your child’s group/routine below. You will be asked to provide it when ordering to specify which outfit and group picture


Group # Day Class Teacher Recital
G01 Tues Ballet 3  Stephanie Recital1
G02 Sat Mommy & Me  Dana Recital1
G03 Mon PreBallet 1&2  Susan Recital1
G04 Tues PreBallet 2  Ericka Recital1
G05 Tues PreBallet 3  Lauren Recital1
G06 Mon Ballet 1  Stephanie Recital1
G07 Mon Ballet 2  Susan Recital1
G08 Mon Ballet 3  Lisa Recital1
G09 Sat PreBallet 2  Susan Recital1
G10 Sat PreBallet 3  Stephanie Recital1
G11 Thurs Ballet 3  Lauren Recital1
G15 Mon Tap 1&2  Susan Recital1
G16 Mon Tap 3&4  Susan Recital1
G17 Hip Hop Intermediate  Lexi Recital1
G18 Sat PreTap 2  Susan Recital1
G19 Sat PreTap 3  Stephanie Recital1
G20 Tues Jazz 3  Emily Recital1
G21 Teen Contemporary  Emily Recital1
G22 Tues & Sat PreBallet 1 – Ms  Lauren Recital2
G23 Thurs PreBallet 1&2  Dana Recital2
G24 Thurs PreBallet 3  Susan Recital2
G25 Thurs Ballet 1  Susan Recital2
G26 Sat Ballet 1  Dana Recital2
G27 Thurs Ballet 2  Lauren Recital2
G28 Sat Ballet 2  Susan Recital2
G32 Sat Tap 1&2  Susan Recital2
G33 Petite Jazz  Dana Recital2
G36 Wed Jazz 1&2  Dana Recital2
G37 Jones and Crews Duet  Emily Recital2
G38 Thurs Jazz 1&2  Dana Recital2
G39 Connelly and Groff Duet  Andrea Recital2
G40 Senior Contemporary  Andrea Recital2
G41 Wed Ballet 8/9 – Mr  Milan Recital3
G42 Tues Ballet 4  Lisa Recital3
G43 Thurs Ballet 5  Lisa Recital3
G44 Wed Ballet 6  Lori Recital3
G45 Wed Ballet 7  Ellen Recital3
G46 Mon Ballet 8/9  CiCi Recital3
G47 Wed Ballet 4  Ericka Recital3
G48 Tues Ballet 5  Stephanie Recital3
G49 Sat Ballet 6  Stephanie Recital3
G50 Sat Ballet 7 (Pointe)  CiCi Recital3
G51 Thurs Ballet 4  Stephanie Recital3
G53 Thurs Contemporary 7/8  Andrea Recital3
G54 Wed Jazz 4  Andrea Recital3
G55 Tues Jazz 5  Emily Recital3
G56 Sat Jazz 6  Andrea Recital3
G57 Wed Jazz 7/8  Andrea Recital3
G58 Thurs Tap 5/6  Dana Recital3
G59 Thurs Adult Advanced Tap  Dana Recital3
G60 Mini Jazz  Emily Recital3
G61 Sat Tap 7/8  Andrea Recital3
G62 Wed Contemporary 5/6  Mariko Recital3
G63 Senior Trio  Andrea Recital3
G64 Les Sylphides Recital3
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